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Laura, you are the supermom of the team and I wouldn have it any other way. Thank you for the unwavering commitment and dedication that you still continue to display, even after the game completion. We all appreciate you so much. With giant metal framed wings attached to a motor and battery that sat on Brand back, the Dragon suit came with its own physical challenges. Once they hung it all on me, then came the straps that went under my arms and around my belly. I couldn actually take a deep breath like you need to when you singing I could probably get to about 50 per cent (lung capacity), Brand said..

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That call doesn’t change based on who’s in the game. It’s one thing that they say. It means the same thing whether it’s Kenny at right guard, Kenny at left guard, Joe at left guard, Graham at right guard.”. Quarterman, a freshman All American in 2016 and a preseason All ACC player this year, doesn believe he nailed down a starting job. He also clearly a leader, and dropped some 15 pounds of bad weight. He seems to accept the former title as a natural occurrence, and he proud of the latter achievement..

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